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Claimants Over the Age of 50

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Special Consideration for Older Workers in SSD Claims

Claimants over the age of 50 or older, the Social Security Administration gives a break in the quest for disability benefits. The agency acknowledges that aging workers may have a harder time performing physically taxing work, transitioning to new occupations or simply getting hired for work they are able to do.

Are you at least 50 years old and unable to work because of a physical disability or mental impairment?

Cox Disability Law can help you take full advantage of the special consideration for older workers. You need every edge you can get in the long and complex process of qualifying for Social Security Disability (SSD).

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Our Birmingham SSD lawyers have helped clients across north central and northern Alabama obtain benefits at all stages for all types of impairments, including over-50 claimants.

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Birmingham Attorneys for Over Age 50 Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration adjusts its criteria for disability for claimants over the age of 50. There is another break for claimants at age 55 and yet further allowances at age 60.

Some of the factors that the SSA considers for 50-and-over workers are:

  • Work history (manual labor vs. sedentary work)
  • Transferable job skills
  • Ability to adapt to other work
  • Educational level
  • Physical disabilities and
    mental impairments, including challenges that may not meet the listed criteria
  • Numbers of jobs suitable to the claimant’s ability

Our experienced lawyers are former SSA attorneys and have been representing SSD claimants in Alabama since 1982. They will do everything possible to leverage the age considerations and position you for approval of your initial claim or success at the ALJ hearing.

Many older employees who have developed medical issues or other impairments take early retirement, drawing reduced Social Security retirement benefits when they could and should apply for Social Security Disability instead. In a free consultation, we can help you make the right decision for your circumstances.

Disability Claimants Over the Age of 50 in Northern Alabama

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