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SSD and SSI Claims

Birmingham Social Security Disability Claims Lawyers

SSD and SSI Claims in Northern Alabama

If you cannot join the work force because of a physical or mental impairment, you may be entitled to disability benefits. Those who have worked and paid into the system may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD). Those with little or no work history may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

The law firm of Cox Disability Law, handles both SSD and SSI claims. In fact, our entire practice is focused on disability claims. We can help you file your claim, or we can step in tohelp if your claim has been denied.

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Based in Birmingham, we have handled thousands of Social Security Disability claims across north central and northern Alabama.

Birmingham Social Security Disability Claims Attorneys

Social Security Disability, or SSD, provides monthly payments and other disability benefits to people who meet certain criteria:

  • You have a qualifying physical and/or mental disability as defined by Social Security.
  • You have been out of work for 12 months or anticipate that you will be.
  • You have sufficient work credits in the last 10 years prior to the onset date of your disability to qualify.

The amount of your benefits is based on how much you have paid into the system through payroll taxes, up to a maximum monthly benefit.

Disability is not an all-or-nothing standard. You do not have to be completely debilitated. Even if you can work part time but are unable to sustain full-time work activities on a continuing basis, you may still qualify.

Supplemental Security Income, or
SSI, provides a fixed benefit to people who need basic subsistence aid. There are three main criteria:

  • You are disabled as defined by Social Security.
  • You have never worked or do not have enough work credits for SSD.
  • Your assets and income are below the threshold.

Both SSD and SSI are administered by the Social Security Administration. The definition of disability is the same for both programs. The claims process is also the same for both: initial claim consideration, an administrative hearing, review by the Appeals Council and appeal in federal court.

Montgomery Supplemental Security Income Attorneys

With more than 30 years of focused experience in disability law, Janet Cox excels at getting clients qualified for SSD or SSI. While most people are turned down on the initial application (even with a lawyer), she as a solid record of success in disability hearings and appeals, including federal court cases.

We get results because we spend more time with our clients and their case files. We offer a free consultation, and we take no attorney fees unless we win benefits for you.

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